Welcome to the English-language blog about fabulous Czech music!

Over the coming months this blog will feature the cream of the Czech Republic’s current music scene, focussing mainly on indie, alternative, underground and interestingly different acts, some massively successful in their homeland, some just bubbling under…but all with something to say musically to an English-speaking audience. Some even sing in English.

If you’re bored with much of the current scene where you are, be it formulaic college rock, derivative indie-by-numbers or bland stadium fodder, you might like to cast your net wider… to the banks of the Vltava and beyond…

While the bulk of music covered here could loosely be categorised as left-field pop/ rock/ post-rock/ indie/ alternative/ electronica/ underground etc, there will also be some coverage of jazz, classical, and other genres. If it’s good enough and relevant enough, it’s in.

Stand by for gig reviews, album reviews, in-depth articles, Czech music history lessons and some interviews. Plus links to other sites of relevance.

More to follow shortly. See the “About” section for the mission statement…

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