Czech Anděl Awards 2015 nominees announced: LANGEROVÁ, DUSILOVÁ, ZRNÍ, MONOKINO KINO & CHINASKI loom large…

ANETA LANGEROVÁ, LENKA DUSILOVÁ, ZRNÍ, MONOKINO KINO and CHINASKI are among the nominees for the 2015 Anděl Awards, announced yesterday. 

The Anděl Awards – the Czech equivalent of the Brit Awards or Grammys – take place every year during spring.

Here are the nominations in full:


Best Band:

Best Male Singer:

Best Female Singer:

Best New Act:

Best Album:

Best Song:

Best Video:


Best Alternative Album:

Best Electronic Album:

Best Folk & Country Album:

Best Hard & Heavy Album:

Best Hip-Hop Album:

Best Jazz & Blues Album:

Best Punk & Hardcore Album:

Best Ska & Reggae Album:

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