Highlights from this week’s Czech Indie Top 15…

Here is a selection of songs from this week’s VELKÁ SEDMA – the Indie Top 15 chart on Prague’s Radio 1:

No 1:    VLOŽTE KOČKU – Ryby II

No 2:    IRA MIMOSA – Mlha

No 3:    PIČA Z HOVEN – Nemůžu spát

No 4:    LUNO: Target Fish (Acoustic)

No 5:    GAGARIN – Co bude

No 6:    KUBATKO – Za hlavou (feat. Olga Königová)

No 9:    JUSTIN LAVASH – If You Weren’t My Friend

No 11:   LANUGO – Smutná vášeň

No 12:   ROOCZA – Flatline


For the full VELKÁ SEDMA chart on Radio 1 click here.

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