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BROADCAST ALERT!!! SLUNÍČKO album to be played in full TONIGHT on Radio 1…

ONE OF THE CLASSIC CZECH INDIE ROCK ALBUMS OF THE 1990s is being broadcast in its entirety this evening (Tuesday 17 March) on Prague’s RADIO 1. 

SLUNÍČKO‘s eponymous album – featuring an 18-year-old LENKA DUSILOVÁ sharing vocal duties with Pancho – was released in 1994 to great critical acclaim, but is currently commercially unavailable.

SLUNÍČKO featuring Pancho (far left) and Lenka Dusilová (bottom right). Photo by Katka Simerová from the sleeve of the band’s 1994 album on BMG Ariola.

Sluníčko formed in 1989, with Dusilová joining the band in 1991. They recorded their only album in 1994 and won the Marlboro Rock ’94 competition, before disbanding the following year.

Meanwhile Lenka Dusilová went on to perform with Lucie and Pusa in the mid-1990s before embarking on her solo career, numerous collaborations, and her current project Baromantika.

The Sluníčko album features ten tracks with influences ranging from early 90s US grunge-funk and alternative rock to late 70s British punk and post-punk.

Here’s a taster of three tracks from the album on YouTube…

Prague-based alternative music station RADIO 1 will broadcast the Sluníčko album from start to finish without interruption this evening on CD NONSTOP.

The one-hour programme starts at 6pm UK time.